Who is Industry

The evolution for “Industry” began when Cody Taylor and Harlan Scott first met waiting tables in college. Cody and Harlan both separately moved to Austin and remained friends while both achieving great success in and becoming fixtures of the Hospitality Industry. They opened Industry as a tribute to the service industry culture that came to define them and their values and to create a spot that was more of a community space than just a restaurant. Industry is best known for its 100% scratch menu with many healthy options, fair prices, casual yet thoughtful atmosphere, and being a spot for everyone, families, professionals, and everyone in between. Harlan and Cody opened Industry’s first location in San Marcos where Cody went to school and now lives, and now back to the eastside of Austin for Industry’s second location, Harlan’s neighborhood.

Harlan and Cody posing for a photo.


From bussing tables in high school and waiting tables through college, Harlan moved to Austin in 2010 to helm the growth of a well-known restaurant group, running 5 unique concepts before founding his own restaurant consultancy. Even since opening Industry in 2018, Harlan has continued to consulted for over 40 well-known restaurants in bars and restaurants in central Texas; his passion is helping his friends in the service industry. Industry is an embodiment of that passion.


Cody has spent the last 27 years honing his craft as a restaurateur. He started his career at 13, pushing a bus cart around a hometown eatery, and has worked every station in the business on his way to ownership. He owned and operated the beloved Café Josie, located in downtown Austin, and now Industry and Valentino’s restaurants in San Marcos. His philosophy for success is simple: take care of your people, and they will take care of you. Cody found his passion early on in his life and has pursued his restaurant dreams ever since. He is now a proud father and husband to his beautiful wife Hilary and their son Teddy Ray.